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Our clients originate from different walks of life; however they share a common goal, “The Need to Transition Successfully” in hopes of being reunited with their community.

The owners of Successful Transitions LLC, believe healthy families make up healthy neighborhoods, healthy neighborhoods make up healthy communities, and healthy communities foster healthy and productive citizens. It is our fundamental belief that it takes a community to raise all youth.

We help establish supports systems within the community whether it be social, emotional, safety, medical/health, educational, vocational, and/or legal.


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I must say the results from having my daughter in the facility, have been a real Godsend…The program has made a world of difference in both of our lives.
It is a program that works…


I had a lot of baggage and issues that I carried with me…But now…Im making it and I have the life lessons and wisdoms from the group home to thank for that.