Helping Others Transition Successfully


Residential Treatment

The Residential Treatment-Level III is a service targeted to children under age 21 which offers a highly structured and supervised environment in a program setting only, excluding room and board. This service provides the following activities under its core program:

  • Staff secure and structured therapeutic environment designed to maximize the opportunity to improve the consumer’s level of functioning.
  • Immediate staff support/supervision for consumer directed and managed activities in all identified need areas
  • Mentoring
  • Direct assistance with adaptive skill training.
  • Behavioral Interventions – programmatic structure with specific interventions to address the most complex behavioral and/or substance abuse treatment needs, e.g. (house rules)
  • Modeling, positive reinforcement, redirection, de-escalation, guidance, etc. through staff/consumer/peer interactions.
  • Directed/Supervised community integration activities.
  • Supervised recreational activities when used as a strategy to meet clinical goals.
  • Directed/supervised psycho-educational activities including the development and maintenance of daily living, anger management, social, family living, communication, and stress management skills, etc.
  • Consultation from psychiatrist/psychologist or Licensed Professional on a weekly basis

Clinical Assessment

A Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA) is an intensive clinical and functional face-to-face evaluation of an individual’s presenting mental health, developmental disability, and/or substance abuse condition that results in the issuance of a written report, providing the clinical basis for the development of the Introductory Person Centered Plan (PCP), the Complete PCP, or the service plan when a PCP is not required.

This written report also includes recommendations for services, supports, and/or treatment. Through a comprehensive clinical assessment, the information essential to formulating a diagnosis and plan of treatment is gathered.

Outpatient Therapy

Our agency believes “No man, woman, or child is an island” and every now and then needs a helping hand to get through the dilemmas of life. Therefore, when that time comes it should be handled in the most respectful, sensitive and private manner. Counseling also known as therapy is designed to provide that support everyone needs at that point in their life.

We believe counseling should be “Person-Centered” and designed to incorporate the strengths and the needs of the client. Each person is different and possesses their own values, belief systems, and complexities that make them unique and all should be expressed within the individual’s scope of treatment.

Therefore, we contract with therapist that share that common belief and who are committed to helping the consumer/client/family get to the core issues using a variety of treatment models that will most effective and non-intrusive approach.